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City Departments
Elected Officials/Council
Lydia's Letters
Community Calendar
Maple Grove Cemetery
Mayor's Office
Mayor Lydia Mihalik 419-424-7137
City Clerk Kathy Launder 419-424-7137
City Council
President of Council James Slough 419-424-9504
Council at Large Grant Russel 419-422-6875
Council at Large Thomas Shindledecker 419-423-9748
Council at Large Anne Spence 419-957-4340
First Ward Holly Frische 419-348-7041
Second Ward Randy Van Dyne 419-422-5058
Third Ward R. Ronald Monday 419-422-8646
Fourth Ward Thomas Klein 419-722-3338
Fifth Ward John Harrington 419-957-4119
Sixth Ward Andy Douglas 419-408-4084
Council Clerk Denise Devore 419-424-7113
Seventh Ward Robert Nichols 419-423-3684
Service/Safety Director
Director Paul Schmelzer 419-424-7117
Secretary Kathy Launder 419-424-7117
Supervisor Robert Johnston 419-422-4182
Fuel Office Ed Bickford 419-422-4182
City Auditor
City Auditor Jim Staschiak II 419-424-7101
Deputy Auditor Ginger Sampson 419-424-7101
Accounts Payable Jennifer Niederkohr 419-424-7101
Payroll Carolyn Ehrnschwender 419-424-7101
City Health Department
Health Commissioner Stephen D. Mills, DO 419-424-7105
Deputy Health Commissioner Barbara Wilhelm, RN 419-424-7105
Clerk Cheryl Klakamp 419-424-7105
Environmental Health Craig Niese, RS 419-424-7105
Nursing Becky Bern, RN 419-424-7441
Plumbing Eric Helms 419-424-7420
Vital Statistics Cheryl Klakamp 419-424-7105
City Income Tax
Income Tax Administrator Andrew Thomas 419-424-7133
City Law Director
Law Director Don Rasmussen 419-429-7338
Asst. Law Director Stephanie Wykes 419-424-7139
Asst. Law Director Eric Figlewicz 419-424-7139
Asst. Law Director Alan Hackenberg 419-424-7139
Asst. Law Director Robert Feighner Jr. 419-424-7139
City Planning Commission
Secretary Kathy Launder 419-424-7137
Civil Service Commission
Clerk/Secretary Deidre Ramthun 419-424-7112
City Treasurer
City Treasurer Susan Hite 419-424-7107
Computer Services
Information Technology Supervisor Justin Weddington 419-424-7115
Programmer/Analyst   419-424-7115
Network Specialist Lynn Ritchie 419-424-7114
Engineer Steve Wilson 419-424-7121
Contracts Donna Corbin 419-424-7121
Permits   419-424-7121
Records   419-424-7442
Fire Chief Thomas Lonyo 419-424-7129
Fire Prevention   419-424-7131
Hancock Regional Planning Commission
Director   419-424-7094
Community Development Planner Jennifer Criblez 419-424-7094
Development Services Planner Judy Scrimshaw 419-424-7094
Grant Administrator Aleta Foust 419-424-7094
Office Manager Sherri Leary 419-424-7094
Municipal Court
Judge Robert A. Fry 419-424-7144
Judge Jonathan P. Starn 419-424-7144
Director of Court Services David D. Beach 419-424-7144
Clerk of Courts Marsha Okuly 419-424-7141
Emergency   911
Dispatch 419-424-7150 or 419-424-7163
Crime Stoppers   419-425-8477
Police Chief Greg Horne 419-424-7194
Police Administration   419-424-7194
Patrol Division   419-424-7152
Detectives   419-424-7164
Special Services   419-424-7153
Vice/Narcotics   419-424-7149
Crime Prevention   419-424-7282
Records   419-424-7174
Parking   419-424-7161
Public Works
Superintendent Matt Stoffel 419-424-7181
Asst. Supervisor Dave Honse 419-424-7181
Street Section   419-424-7181
Traffic Signals Section   419-424-7185
Traffic Sign Shop   419-422-5755
Parks Maintenance Section   419-424-7148
Forestry Section   419-424-7127
Cemetery Section   419-424-7111
Building Maintenance Section   419-424-7181
Superintendent Lu Draper 419-424-7176
Clerk Pat Wright 419-424-7176
Sky Bank Arena   419-423-8533
Water Department
Superintendent Jeff Newcomer 419-424-7830
Water Distribution Supervisor Jeff Betts 419-424-7192
Water Treatment Supervisor Russ Boes 419-424-7830
Water/Sewer Billing Supervisor Dean Adler 419-424-7190
Water Pollution Control
Superintendent Randy Greeno 419-424-7187
Water Pollution Control Center Supervisor David Beach 419-424-7187
Sewer Maintenance Supervisor Mike Stillberger 419-424-7179
Zoning Supervisor Todd Richard 419-424-7108
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