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Mayor's Office
Q:  I am a company outside of Findlay and want to solicit sales in Findlay. What do I need to do?
A:  A Solicitor’s License must be obtained. A background check and fingerprinting will be completed by our Crime Prevention Officer, Sgt. Mike Martien, he can be contacted at 419-424-7282. After the results of the background check and fingerprinting are approved by the Chief of Police and Safety Director, a Solicitor’s License can be issued by the Mayor’s Office for a fee of $5.00. (Different from a Vendor"s License)

Q:  My street light is out or flickering on and off. Who do I call to have it repaired?
A:  If you have internet access, log on to for American Electric Power and report the issue. If you do not have access to the internet, contact the Mayor’s Office with the Pole Number and location, and the Mayor’s staff can log the complaint with American Electric Power for you.
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City Council
Q: What are your hours of operation?
A: The City Council office hours are Monday thru Friday from 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Q: Who is my Councilman?
A: Locate your Ward on map and look at your Councilman’s information
Q: Where do I go for help?
  • Zoning Permits – 419-424-7121
  • Findlay Chamber of Commerce – 419-422-3313
  • Marriage License – 419-424-7079 (Probate Court)
  • N.E.A.T. – 419-424-7466
  • Public Defender – 419-424-7276
  • Request for Street lights – 424-7113
  • Street light outage – 800-672-2231 (AEP) - 419-423-4841 (Hancock Wood Elec)
  • Note Number on light pole to report outage
  • Water Billing 419-424-7190
  • Water & Sewer extension requests – 419-424-7113
Q: What are your hours of operation?
The Fuel Office is open weekdays, 7 AM to 6 PM, September through May. June through August, the weekday hours are 7 AM to 8PM. Weekend office hours are 9 AM to 5 PM, year round.

Q:   Is there ground transportation available?
A crew car is available on a first come, first served basis with a two-hour maximum time limit. Enterprise Rental Car (419-424-9626) will deliver to the Airport. (Flag City Cab service can be reached at 419-424-2144.)
City Auditor
Q:  Whom do I contact about Real Estate Taxes?
  The Hancock County Auditor’s Office handles the Real Estate Tax Information. 

Q:  Where do I a get a Dog License?
  The Hancock County Auditor’s Office issues the Dog Licenses.
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City Health Department
Q: How do I order a birth certificate? Death certificate?
Certificates can be purchased from 8:30 A.M. to 4:00 P.M., Monday through Friday, at the Findlay City Health Department (1644 Tiffin Ave, SuiteA, Findlay, Ohio 45840). The cost is $25, cash or check only. Birth certificates can be issued for anyone born in the State of Ohio. Death certificates are issued for deaths occurring within the city limits of Findlay.
Q: Do I need an appointment to get shots for my child?
Yes—have paper and pencil ready, and call 419-424-7441 between 8 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday to schedule an appointment. More information on immunizations
More information on immunizations 
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City Income Tax
City Income Tax FAQ
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City Law Director
Q:  What is the process of filing a claim?
A Police report and a written estimate of repairs are required in order to file a claim. Both need to be submitted to the Law Director for his review. Once the claim is reviewed, the Law Director will notify the claimant either by letter if the claim is denied (the City is not responsible for repairs), or by telephone call once payment is ready for pick up (if the City is deemed responsible for the claim).

Q:  What is the process of filing an annexation request and how long does it take?
A petition for annexation is filed with the County Commissioners with notification to the township and the City. City Council passes a resolution, of services at the time of receiving notice, which becomes part of the annexation filed in the Commissioners Office. The Commissioners hold a hearing; and if they find the annexation documents and procedures to be in order, they will approve the annexation and certify that to the City Auditor’s Office. The City Auditor notifies City Council of receipt of the request by letter as well as maintaining the request in his/her office for 60 days for public inspection. Once the 60 days has expired, the Auditor will again notify the City Council by letter that the required 60 day public inspection timeframe has passed and forwards the annexation documents to the Council Clerk, who will start the Committee process for review. After Council has considered the annexation in Committee, an Ordinance is adopted which approves the annexation. The Council Clerk then files the proper paperwork with the County. Once the Council Clerk is notified that the paperwork is filed with the County Recorder's Office, she will then give two sets of the documents back to the City Auditor for forwarding to the Ohio Secretary of State’s Office. Annexations are generally effective 30 days after the date the Ordinance is adopted.
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City Forestry
Q. Will the City of Findlay remove my tree?
The City of Findlay employs a contractor for the purpose of removing and stump grinding trees located on city property if the tree is identified by the City as dead, diseased, or dangerous. Also, the City Street Department does a limited number of tree removals and stump grinding.

Q. Does the City of
Findlay prune or trim trees?
The City of Findlay will prune trees in the Right-of-Way, if notified, specifically of dangerous or dead limbs or trees causing visibility or street or sidewalk clearance problems.

Q. Does the City of
Findlay have a tree planting program?
The City of Findlay offers property owners a cost share planting opportunity called the Adopt-A-Tree.
City Shade Tree Commission
Q: What is the Adopt-A-Tree Program?
This program is designed to help keep Findlay City streets beautiful and shaded. The Adopt-A-Tree Program is coordinated by the Findlay Shade Tree Commission. Findlay residents may apply to adopt-a-tree to be planted on City right-of-way. All property owners within the City of Findlay are eligible to Adopt-A-Tree for the minimal fee of $20. The Commission will work with each applicant to select the most appropriate species for the location.

Q: When is the Adopt-A-Tree Program?
The annual Adopt-A-Tree information is made available in early spring. Completed applications are generally required around April 1st.
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Civil Service Commission
Q.  Where do I find out about the US POST OFFICE Civil Service Test and employment opportunities?
US Postal Service 229 West Main Cross St., Findlay, Ohio  45840

Where do I go to file for a CIVIL PROTECTION ORDER?
  Hancock County Clerk of Court’s Office – Hancock County Courthouse, Findlay, Ohio 45840  419-424-7037
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Q:  When do I need a permit?
A:  A permit is required for connection to any City utility, including water, storm sewer and sanitary sewer. A permit is also necessary for street openings, curb cuts, and sidewalks. See Zoning Department  for other permits that might affect your property.

Q:  How much does the permit cost?
A:  Permit fees vary.  Please refer to our fee schedule 

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Police Department
Q.  Does the City have a curfew for minors, if so what is it?
A.  Yes, the City of Findlay has a curfew for minors.  During the week when the Findlay City Schools are in session the hours for minors under 14 years of age is 9:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m.  For 14-17 years old the curfew is 10:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m.  On weekend nights the curfew is 12:01 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. for minors’ age 14-17 years old.  For minors under 14 years of age the curfew is 10:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m.  When the Findlay City Schools are out of session the weekend hours apply.

Q.  Does the Police Department offer fingerprinting?
  No. As of December 28, 2012, the Findlay Police Department will no longer be performing background check or fingerprinting services. For any citizens needing those services for employment purposes, you can contact the Hancock County Sheriff's Office, the Findlay campus of Owens Community College, or the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles of Hancock County. For any citizen or business requiring a solicitor's license for Findlay, contact the Mayor's Office at 419-424-7137 or the Crime Prevention Division at 419-424-7282. A copy of the Solicitor's License procedure is available from both locations.
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Public Works Department
Q:  Who handles street lights?
A:  American Electric Power  1-800-672-2231

Q:  Who handles problems with the traffic lights?
A:  Traffic Lights Department 419-424-7185
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Q: How can I rent a shelter house, meeting space, party room, or the CUBE from the City of Findlay?
A: The Recreation Department at 3430 North Main St., Findlay, Ohio 45840, can assist you with all your needs.  Stop by 3430 North Main St. for further information, or call 419-424-7176.  Security Deposit is required.
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Sewer Maintenance
Q. My drains are not working properly what should I do?
In many cases the problem is in the property owners own sewer or drain line and will require a plumber or sewer cleaner. The Sewer Department will check the City’s sewers at your request before a plumber or sewer cleaner is called. You may call 419-424-7179.  Unless a situation is an emergency the Sewer Department request that all calls be made between 7 am and 4 pm during normal work days.

Q. What is the cause of sewer gas around the house?
Sewer gasses may come from a dried out trap, whether that is an unused sink or a little used basement or garage floor drain. These may be corrected by adding water to the drain to refill the trap. Other causes may be a plugged sewer, broken or cracked pipe or plugged vent pipe.
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Water Distribution
Q: Whom should I call to report a leak?
Call the Water Dist. Dept. at 419-424-7192 between the hours of 7 am - 4 pm Monday through Friday. After 5:00pm or weekends, please call the Water Treatment Plant at 419-424-7193.

Q: Whom should I call for an emergency turn-off?
Call the Utility Billing Office at 419-424-7190 between the hours of
8 am – 5 pm Monday through Friday. After 5:00pm or weekends, please call the Water Treatment Plant at 419-424-7193.
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Water Pollution Control Center
Q.  Who can I call about river levels during flooding conditions?
A.  You can contact the staff at the Water Pollution Control Center for current and up to date river elevations and projected crest information. Contact us @ 419-424-7187

Q.  What is flood stage of the Blanchard River?
A.  768.50 feet above sea level which equates to 11 feet on the system used by the National Weather Service.
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Water - Sewer Billing Office

Q. Can I pay my water bill by credit card?
Yes. VISA/MasterCard payments are now an option for a nominal fee.  Call 1-800-2PAYTAX (1-800-272-9829) Jurisdiction Code 4553 - or go online through $300.00 maximum per transaction.  We also offer Electronic Fund Transfer through our   AUTOPAY program, or you may pay by cash, check or money order.

Q. How can I sign up for paperless bills?
 Sign up through Smartbill Online to receive an e-mail notification that your bill is ready to be viewed.

Q.  When is my water bill due?
Bi-Monthly residential bills for properties located NORTH of the Blanchard River and West of CR 236 are due on the twelfth of the EVEN months. Bi-Monthly residential bills for properties located SOUTH of the Blanchard River and East of CR 236 are due on the twelfth of the ODD months.

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Water Treatment Plant
Q.  What is the hardness of the City of Findlay’s water?
Calcium and magnesium salts are the minerals in water which are responsible for its hardness. The Findlay Water Treatment plant has an average hardness of 140 milligrams per liter or 8 grains per gallon. Hardness does not affect the safety of water. These minerals may accumulate in coffee pots. To remove them, fill the coffee pot with vinegar and let it sit overnight. Then rinse the coffee pot thoroughly before using. Vinegar will also work as a soak for clogged shower heads and faucet aerators.

Q.    Why does drinking water look cloudy?
Cloudy water which clears quickly from the bottom up is caused by tiny air bubbles in the water, similar to gas bubbles in soda pop. After a while, the bubbles rise to the top and disappear. This cloudiness occurs more often in winter when drinking water is cold. Air does not affect the safety of water.
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Q:  What requires a zoning permit?
Virtually all new construction requires a permit. This includes additions, sheds, decks, fences, swimming pool, and signs. Any time a property changes its use, a zoning permit is also required. When in doubt, call the zoning office to see if your particular project must have a zoning permit.

Q:  How is a zoning permit obtained?
The process is rather simple. A site plan indicating the location and dimension of the lot lines must be submitted showing the dimensions and location of all existing and proposed buildings and structures. An application (available online) must also accompany the plan. As long as all of the information is supplied, the permit is usually ready to be picked up the following business day after
1:00 p.m.
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City of Findlay, Municipal Building, 318 Dorney Plaza, Findlay OH 45840

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